Practical digital solutions

HappyWise is a finnish digital agency providing practical and innovative digital solutions for many fields and industries. The company is based in High-Tech region Oulu, in northern Finland.

HappyWise was founded in 2006 as a group of experts came together. Since then digital solutions have been the focus of energy and know-how at HappyWise.

HappyWise product categories include Urheilulaskuri sports campaign kilometer counter and easy to use HappyWise Trainer -e-learning environments. We are also specialized in serious games for learning and advertising. We also give consultations for digital media activities.

The expertise of our team consists of strong technical knowhow in user interface and server solutions. We are fully committed to putting our expertise and research resources to work for your success and together we will achieve the best suitable solution answering to your needs.

In order to fulfill our mission of producing innovative digital content and solutions, we focus on innovation, creativity and reactivity; moreover dedication and customer orientation are the values that make us excel.

Contact us

HappyWise Ltd.
Kansankatu 53
90100 Oulu

Tel. +358 8 415 69 373

Mikko Torniainen, CEO
Tel. +358 44 528 2891

Business ID: FI20367176