HappyWise Trainer: Easy way for e-learn

Visit_HappyWise_TrainerHappyWise Trainer is a cloud-based, easy and cost-effective e-learning environment (LMS) for organizations and companies.

HappyWise Trainer suits the training needs of various fields and industries, not only in personnel training but also in vocational education.

HappyWise Trainer decrease costs and at the same time intensify the learning itself, making the experience fun and motivating.

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  • Quick to start. Just order your own environment and it is ready to use online. You don’t have to install any programs. You can start for free!
  • Motivating way to learn that saves working time and money.
  • Easy to use.  Super easy and quick to make your own courses.


  • User-friendly and simple to take courses
  • Easy content-editing with a wysiwyg editor directly from the course: add text, images, attachments, links, animations, videos and questions.
  • Easy management of users, tasks, results, email-messages and reports
  • Customizable visual layouts
  • User interface in English and Finnish

HappyWise Trainer as a cloud-service

  • Signing-in with personal user-id and password
  • User levels: company, supervisor and student
  • The system is running on reliable and fast servers
  • Storage capacity is 2 GB
  • The latest version of the system is always available


“Very easy to use.”

“A good solution, you can study at your own pace.”

“The environment is easy, clear and pleasant to use.”

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